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Introducing Meryl • 20 July 2013 • The Wilmington Fund VT

December 25, 2013

Sometimes volunteering brings unexpected gifts.  Such it was for me this past summer when I was gifted the honor of introducing Meryl Streep, the special guest for a Wilmington Fund VT fundraiser:

Meryl ListeningPhotos by Carolyn Bates

Meryl Streep Intro

20 July 2013

How lucky are we to welcome our very special guest host, Meryl Streep who inspired most folks here to join us this evening. In doing so, she inspired people to ‘do good’, to gather in community for a common goal.

A mother of four, married 35 years is an amazing accomplishment in itself! Yet, Ms Streep is also the most decorated actor in the history of the Arts with 17 Academy Award nominations garnering three Oscars and 27 Golden Globe nominations, bringing home eight. There are also her Emmys, Screen Actors Guild, Cannes Film Festival and so many other awards that if I acknowledged each here my time allotment would not allow me to say anything else.

Yet here she is, lending her name and presence to inspire each and every person here to assist in the long term economic vibrancy of our little town, too. This evening is a sell out with Ms. Streep inspiring each person to join her by taking money out of their own pockets and putting it toward the health of our Village. We are so very grateful.

AND it is FUN!! I am not alone in having played that dinner party game of naming five people you would most like to have dinner with. My guess is that over half of us named Meryl Streep. It’s amazing what dreams can be fulfilled once they are dared to be spoken, like our dream of economic vitality in Wilmington’s historic district.

The key point in this introduction, for me, is this: with Ms. Streep’s craft, and amazing skill in representing a variety of people in our earth community, each of us have connected to at least one of the characters she portrayed. Each of us has understood another person’s motives or background in a deeper way through her work and, in doing so, have felt more compassion for someone we might not otherwise have. This is Meryl Streep’s gift to our society, for it is in compassion for others that we heal not only ourselves, but support others in their own healing.

In tonights instance, it is showing compassion for people and a Village community devastated by Tropical Storm Irene. Thank you, Ms. Streep.

We all feel we know you a bit through your superb work. Thank you for giving us the chance to know you a bit more by answering questions posed by you all via your friend, and Wilmington Fund VT co-founder, Tamara Kilmurray.

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